last edited → 02.11.2008.

AdriaMare provides its services in several locations. Located on 2,500 sq. meters in Sibenik, Zadar, Biograd n/m and Split our facilities offer 9 classrooms, 5 specialized Simulator's, Nautical Lab, DP lab and fully equipped offices for administration.

AdriaMare runs simulated scenarios and practical workshops in specialized classrooms. Simulator's and Nautical lab, DP equipment include:

  • Transas full mission Navi-Trainer Professional 4000 simulators with conning, ECDIS and ARPA/RADAR with 12 work stations
  • Transas DP1/DP2 Class Simulator
  • Transas engine room 2000/3000 simulators for ship diesel propulsion plant, auxilliary systems and electric power plant
  • GMDSS equipment including VHF/DSC radiotelephone, NAVTEX, INMARSAT C Trans/Receiver.