Dynamic Positioning Training Scheme

Fully approved by Nautical Institute.

Platform Approach

A few steps…

If you ever wondered how to become an Dynamic Positioning Operator but couldn’t find the right info or everything looked so daunting, look no more, because we are presenting you a simple guide to becoming Dynamic Positioning Operator. In few steps and some sea time invested, you could greatly improve or even start a brand new career in Offshore Industry. Let’s start shall we?

Dynamic Positioning Operator Timeline

Step One

Apply for Basic/Induction DP Training here at AdriaMare brand new DP Center in Split, Croatia to gain basic information and familiarization with the Dynamic Positioning. We have experienced sea going Instructors and we are sure you will gain greater understanding of Dynamic Positioning.

Step Two

You must perform a minimum of 30 days seagoing DP familiarization. Of course that would be onboard DP vessel conducting real DP operations, don’t forget to complete the NI Log book you got from Basic/Induction Training.

Step Three

Back in classroom, this time you must finish the DP Advanced/Simulator course. Again you can apply for this course at AdriaMare. Naturally this step is intended only for officers who completed steps 1 and 2 above.

Step Four

Sea time again. only this time is for a period of 6 months of supervised watchkeeping on DP operations on Class 2 or 3 DP vessels. You can even go to Class 1 vessel, but there is a catch, if you choose that route, two months Class 1 equals one month of Class 2 and 3 vessels, meaning more see time. And you also have to complete two month on actual Class 2 or 3 vessel. If you gain only six months of DP watchkeeping experience on Class 1 DP vessel the you will receive only Limited DP certificate!

Step Five

Statement of suitability by the Master of Class 2 or 3 DP vessel.

All of the above will be recorded in a personal DP logbook, which will be issued to the trainee at Step 1, otherwise obtainable from the Nautical Institute in London. At the completion of the scheme, a final appraisal of the trainee will be carried out by the Master of the vessel (Step 5), after which the trainee submits his/her logbook to the Nautical Institute, who will issue the DPO certificate.
This qualification is recognized worldwide.

Basic/Induction Course

Basic or induction course is intended to provide theory and practice of Dynamic Positioning to perspective DPO‘s. Course must fulfill the requirements of Phase 1 of the Nautical Institute Scheme.

At AdriaMare we provide participants with both, knowledge and practical use of dynamic positioning system. Induction course covers topics such as: Operation of DP system to the standards and guidelines, Elements and setup of DP system, Recognition of alarms and warnings, understanding and usage of Position Reference systems, Various DP operations, etc…

For more info on please visit Basic/Induction course outline in our Training Section of website.

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Simulator Course

This course is intended to build on the DP experience obtained in Phases 1 and 2 of the Nautical Institute Scheme and involves principally simulated DP operations including errors, faults and failures giving the participants the opportunity to apply the lessons learnt in both the Basic/Induction course and the seagoing DP familiarisation. Course covers topics such as: Practical operation of the DP system, DP alarms, warnings and emergency procedures.

Our great team of Instructors immensely focus on passing their great real world experience as Sea going DPO‘s to new candidates.
Again, you can check our Training Section for more info and full synopsis for Simulator DP Course.

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